Thursday, 22 August 2013

Ups and Downs .

Today has been a day of mixed emotions it started pretty well , had to go to the Doctors and get blood and cholestrol results , because of my condition I have an increased risk of heart problems so they like to do checks to see what the risk is etc .
 Well my results were good my cholestrol is low and I have a 0.4% chance of heart problems etc so that's a relief .
 The bad news came in the form of the vets calling to say that the lump my dog has on her chest is cancerous and they want to operate next week , she's 15 so its risky , she's already had to have two ops the last two years for her teeth and a lump removed off her side and they said they don't know if the cancer has spread either . She was so upset after the last op I couldn't leave her side she just cried and whimpered and I didn't sleep for two weeks with it so I'm preparing that it will be like that again .
 What also makes me sad is the fact that i won't be able to go anywhere or do anything while she is like that I feel so bad she has to go through this and torn for wanting to be able to do stuff too I also am scared incase she doesn't survive the op .
  I'm also upset because I thought I was invited to something this weekend which would of been just what I needed before all the stress of the dogs op and to take my mind off it too I was looking forward to it but it turns out I'm not going , its been forgotten I was asked and its made me feel such an outsider and so lonely

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