Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Hospitals, needles and drugs

So today was hospital day again , best fill you in on this, well have have been on a clinical drugs trial since January 2012 for  my psoriatic arthritis , I have had numerous different drugs and treatments in the 7 years I have this condition and this so far has been the only thing to make me normal and pain free again . I go every 4 weeks and have to have blood taken questions to assert joints checked nails and skin checked and then wait while the drug is made at another hospital and is delivered to mine where I then have it injected in to my leg and have to wait an hour before going home .

As I said its the only thing to have worked and I can't believe the difference it has made and I don't get side effects to it either , I also have to take Methatrexate along side it which I'm also luckily enough not to have side effects to apart from hair falling out a bit but least it was thick to start with .

The trial was only supposed to be for two years and I have 6 months left but today I was told the trial Is being extended for at least another year so I'm quiet happy about that as I didn't know how I'd be after I had to stop it , I don't know if I will be on it until the end, it depends on circumstances but at least i know I have longer being pain free .

So that's a bit of my day today not the nicest of days really but least I'm injected and done for another 4 weeks

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