Thursday, 15 August 2013

Routine appointment unexpected blood tests

Today I had to go for my routine pill check , normally few questions weight blood pressure check and on my way with my prescription , except that's not what happened today , Nurse Michelle wanted to do an arthritis check, they are now doing every year at my doctors to make sure everyone is getting the treatment they need and things, this might be because the NICE guidelines have now changed, that was fine not much they can say about my treatment except the fact that because of my PSA I'm also at an increased risk of heart problems so my cholestrol levels need checking and so I ended up with more bloods being taken in top of yesterday's , they also wanted a full blood screen doing as they don't always get the results from my hospital , well the needles already stuck in my arm so they might aswell help themselves to it .

I never thought at my cholestrol , I thought I was too young to worry about it to be honest , maybe I'm not , but aparently high Cholestrol runs in the family anyway. I'm following a low fat diet due to being fat , so hope that helps I get the results on Thursday so will see then what's
I also got my mind out at rest about another health matter , according to research ladies like myself who are on immune suppressant mendications have an increased risk of developing cervical cancer due to being unable to fight the HPV virus properly , well I've already had to have treatment for cervical cancer cells when I was younger and that was no barrel for laughs and had a scare again a few years ago which I got the all clear last year from so I obviously was a bit aprehensive about this but unfortunately unless the NICE guidelines change or I start to have any problems they won't do smear tests any more often than 3 yearly . The good news is going on my last smear I don't have the HPV virus  in my body so I'm not at risk from that so it put my mind at rest .

It's amazing what problems and things can develope just from having this stupid skin thing, except its not a stupid skin theming, people think its like eczema , just like dry flakey skin but its all to do with a faulty immune system , my internal body not working properly and it buggering up the rest of me in whatever way it sees fit bloody ruining my life in one way or another , ill explain all that some other time . I think I have rambled on enough for now .

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